Indisibility of justice in Palestine


Indivisibility of Justice in Palestine
December 1st, 2023
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (Paris time UTC+1)

Videoconference round table
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The notion of the indivisibility of justice is precious to us in the current context, which is not only a slogan, but postulates that the will to justice in the face of one oppression applies to all oppressions. Insofar as each oppression refers to the others, so is the will to justice, it links and carries with it a new understanding of intersectionalities and internationalisms.
We would like to go back to this notion, which enables us both to analyze the situation, and to bear witness to a truly human sensibility that emphasize solidarities.
Gaza is being destroyed under a genocidal regime, in relation to that we are confronted with state repression of our expressions and gestures of solidarity, and also, words are lacking in front of extreme violence. What are the resources and methodologies able to face with this extreme violence?
We therefore would like to look back at the history of the region, and ask the question of the words we use. Indeed, what happens when we turn our attention to history and the rigor of words and law?
Finally, we would like to propose an understanding of Gaza as an analyzer of the violence of capitalist modernity and zionism, and the hypotheses that could respond to it, in equality of rights, and the refusal of any nationalist, ethnicist, racial or religious supremacy.

Rabab Abdulhadi (Pr. Amed Studies-San Francisco State University)
Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun (Pr. Emeritus Paris Cité University)
Naji El Khatib (ODS Initiative)