Beyond the archive

Beyond the archive Workshop June 19, 2021 13:00-23:00 | Auditorium Artistic, political and social cooperative La Générale 39, Rue Gassendi – 75014 Paris Hybrid event Open to all in videoconference | On reservation onsite   Following a year of seminar around “Dreams (the archive between poetics, politics and the violence of history)”, we are organizing … Lire plus

Transnational feminist praxis

Transnational feminist praxis Workshop December 19, 2019 14:00-18:00 | Refectory Hall DOC! Art Association 26, Rue du Doctor Potain — 75019 Paris   In recent years, new feminist movements have emerged, bringing momentum of international dimension. At the crossroads of different internationalities, this workshop will give rise to the presentation of militant, creation and research … Lire plus

Returns of the Speech of the Indian (for Mahmoud Darwish)

“Here is the story of the escape of a poem: ‘Speech of the Indian. The penultimate before the white man’, by Mahmoud Darwish. With a strange familiarity, the poem originally written in arabic evoked the famous speech of chief Duwamish Seattle at the same time as it seemed to pursue a natural and centuries-old dialogue … Lire plus

Talking stone: for an anti-colonial architecture

The “Talking Stones” project explores the effects of the Israeli apartheid colonial politics in the cities of Acres and Hebron, based on stories and practices related to the memory of places, multiple affiliations, experiences of exile and aspirations to return to Palestine, during the “16th International Architecture Exhibition – Venice Biennale 2018: Free Spaces”. It … Lire plus

Vivid voices or the oral history of the now

Vivid voices, or the oral history of this Workshop June 6, 2018 from noon to midnight La Générale Nord-Est 14, Avenue Parmentier – 75011 Paris   Vivid voices, or the oral history of the now workshop offers a day of encounter around the history of movements, at the crossroads of collective and personal itineraries, marginal … Lire plus