Transnational feminist praxis


Transnational feminist praxis
December 19, 2019
14:00-18:00 | Refectory Hall
DOC! Art Association
26, Rue du Doctor Potain — 75019 Paris


In recent years, new feminist movements have emerged, bringing momentum of international dimension. At the crossroads of different internationalities, this workshop will give rise to the presentation of militant, creation and research experiences over time of these movements in relation to the legacies of previous generations. We will explore the conceptual and methodological relevance of transnational feminist movements, the forms of organization and experimentation to which they give rise, and the way in which they have changed political thoughts and practices. Beyond solidarities, they have particularly made it possible to analyze the notions of territoriality, property, belonging and social reproduction from points of view at the crossroads of power relations and oppressions.
This workshop is open to everyone without registration.

With the participation of:
Gulistan Sido (University of Rojava)
Béatrice Rettig (LLCP-Paris 8)
Samah Saleh (An Najah University)
Naji El Khatib (Medfil Humanities Institute)
Kassia Aleksic (CESSMA-Paris 7)
Isis Castañeda Capriroli (LLCP- Paris 8 / Chile-Paris Solidarity Assembly)
Carla A. Trenfo (Paris 8 University / Chile-Paris Solidarity Assembly)
Fatma Çıngı Kocadost (EHESS-CMH)
Ghiwa Sayegh (Kôhl Journal)
Camille Fauroux (EHESS)
Omar Lamiir (Western Sahara Delegation)
Degya Mohamed Salem (Western Sahara Delegation)
Ajjed Fanina (Western Sahara Delegation)
Nicole Gasnier (AARASD)
Julie Alfonsi (LSCP-Paris 7)
Renata Pires Sola (ESBAN)