Readings for Palestine


The pelnutimate speech of the Indian (for Mahmoud Darwish)

November 6, 2023 | 12:00-15:00
Research room of the library
Paris 8 University
2, rue de la Liberté – 93526 Saint-Denis

“Our exile was not in vain at all, and we didn’t go into exile in vain. Their dead will die without regretting a thing. And the living can bequeath the calm wind, learn to open the windows, see what the past makes of their present, and weep slowly and patiently lest the enemies hear the broken ceramics within them. Martyrs, you were right, the road to the house is more beautiful than the house, despite the flowers’ betrayal, but the windows don’t look out on the sky of the heart and exile is exile, here or there. We did not go into exile in vain at all, and our exile wasn’t in vain. And land like language is inherited” (On the last evening on this earth, Darwish)


Screening of Raba Hammo’s collage film
The penultimate speech of the Indian (Albayara Film Production, 18′)

And meeting and readings with:

Raba Hammo (Writer)
Mona Taïbi (Cie Devant Nous)
Silvana Rabinovich (UNAM)
Naji El Khatib (Secular Palestine)
Emmanuel Moreira (Trans-planet)
Emma C. Ricard (Palestine Film Festival)
Fatma Hamdoun (Wana Wayaki Collective)
Tina Amdouni (Wana Wayaki Collective)
Sabine Salamoun (Wana Wayaki Collective)


Free entrance without registration