Studies day
October 20, 2016
Amphi B106 | 12:00-18:00
Paris 8 University
2, Rue de la Liberté – 93526 Saint-Denis


About twenty years ago, a movement of thinking about translation was born in Iran which gave rise to a great fruitfulness of debates, critical productions and scientific publications, works of translations into persian of european philosophies significant of their reception in Iran, in particular in the politicized dimension of this reception.
If thinking about the process of translation itself is necessary, against all essentialism, all identitarianism, or all culturalism, a dialectic operates there where translation is both a conscious process and the plan emergence of new thinkings inscribed within the field of the history of critical thinking circumscribed by languages ​​and their geopolitics.
Translation, like thinking, is not an operative totality, it has no essence, nor does it know a single meaning of its elaboration except its history.
We will thus raise the question of the relationship between politics, translation, and history.


  • Morad Farhadpour (Porsech Institute): “Translation-thinking”
  • Amir Kianpour (LLCP-Paris 8) and Zahra Pourazizi (EHESS): “The archipelago of Babel. A collective documentary” (Screening and reading)
  • Bahar Majdzadeh (ACTE-Paris 1): “The common Iranian memory of the 80s and the aesthetics of confrontation with a violent past”
  • Mansur Tayfuri (LLCP-Paris 8): “States and exceptions”
  • Oreste Scalzone: “Leviathan in language”

Open seminar for political studies of the young researchers at LLCP-Paris 8