Stateless peoples


Stateless peoples
Studies day
March 4, 2021
Paris 8 University online

Mexico City: 06:00-12:00 (UTC-6) | Toronto: 07:00-13:00 (UTC-5) | London: 12:00-18:00 (UTC+0) | Paris: 13:00-19:00 (UTC+1) | Nablus: 14:00-20:00 (UTC+2) | Qamishli: 14:00-20:00 (UTC+2) | Srinagar: 17:30-23:30  (UTC+5:30) |


The stateless peoples born of political and colonial modernity speak different languages ​​of history, the social, common life and of politics. The state-national injunction, based on the unicity of the state, nation, history, identity and language where the state organizes for its benefit the relations of social production, class, gender, origin, etc. has thus generated as many boundaries to which they cannot be assigned.
On the occasion of this day, we want to offer, on the contrary, inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives that focus on other forms of history and narrative, able to question the terms of research, and cross-border perspectives on inside and outside the existing States, where the living conditions and the differentiation of the statutes imposed, the absence of rights, gave place to the aspiration to new social and political projects opened to the movements of transnational solidarity.


  • Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun (LCSP-Paris Cité/Institut des Humanités Medfil): “Dramas and impasses of the national idea”
  • Naji El Khatib (Medfil Humanities Institute): “The impossible state. Thinking from Palestine”
    Samah Saleh (An Najah University): “Palestinian women’s experiences during and after incarceration”
  • Zara Bakshi (Ashoka University/JKCCS/Zanaan Wanaan), Mariyeh Mushtaq (Birbeck-University of London/Zanaan Wanaan), Ifsha Zehra (Ashoka University/JKCCS/Zanaan Wanaan): “Zanaan Wanaan: a conversation on Kashmir” (in english)
  • Sardar Saadi (SSHRC-University of Toronto/RSO-WUR/ISS-University of Rojava): “Emancipation politics in Kurdistan: ethnographic observations in Diyarbakir”
  • Gulistan Sido (University of Rojava): “The ecological situation in Rojava”
  • Silvana Rabinovich (IIFL and FFyL-UNAM/LLCP-Paris 8): “Mexicans, palestinians, sahrawis: on the same side of different walls”

This studies day is organized by the young researchers at the LLCP-Paris 8 as part of creation research-training action “The archive between poetics, politics, and the violence of history”.

Department of philosophy and Laboratory for studies and research on the Contemporary Logics of Philosophy at Paris 8 University
University research school (EUR) ArTeC