Stateless peoples II


Research in Kurdistan, Kashmir, Palestine
Studies day
December 7, 2021
Paris 8 University online

18:00-00:00 (Paris time UTC+1)
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Following the studies day “Stateless peoples” organized last march, we invite you to a new meeting organized with researchers and activists whose research is linked to the situations of Kurdistan, Kashmir and Palestine, this tuesday, december 7, 2021.
The meeting will discuss research both in transdisciplinary crossings and across borders, in the actuality of Kurdish studies of Jineolojî with in particular the presentation of the Jineolojî Journal, and in reflections around the situated knowledge of transnational struggles and feminisms and for justice and freedom in Kurdistan, Kashmir and Palestine.

The political and colonial modernity of the unicity of the State, nation, history, identity and language has enabled the States to organize for their benefit the relations of social production, class, gender, origin etc. thus generated as many borders.
We want to offer perspectives through them that relate to other forms of history and narrative, capable of questioning the terms of research, inside and outside of existing states, where living conditions and the differentiation of imposed statuses, the absence of rights, have given rise to the aspiration for new social and political projects open to transnational solidarity movements.


  • Yasemin Andan (Jineolojî Academy / Jineolojî international network): “Jineolojî perspectives for an alternative to the Nation-State based on democracy, women’s liberation and ecology” (in English)
  • Sarah Marcha (Jineolojî Center / Jineolojî international network): “Beyond borders, the research and educational work of Jineolojî”
  • Haskar Kirmizigül (Editorial committee of the Jineolojî Journal / Jineolojî international network): “Weaving another world. The Jineolojî journal” (in Kurmancî. Translation: Sarah Marcha)
  • Béatrice Rettig (LLCP-Paris 8): “The language of the State”
  • Naji El Khatib (Medfil Humanities Institute): “The palestinian national State: a paradigm shift”
  • Huma Dar (California College of the Arts): “Dual-hauntology of exiled statelessness versus militarized anthropological care(lessness): situatedness and psypp politics of passing as a friend”
  • Rabab Abdulhadi (AMED-San Francisco State University): “Whose narratives? Situated knowledge and critical inquiry”

This studies day is organized by the young researchers at the LLCP-Paris 8 as part of the creation research-training action “The archive between poetics, politics, and violence of history”.

Department of philosophy and Laboratory for studies and research on Contemporary Logics of Philosophy at Paris 8 University
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