4th Transdisciplinary day


Studies day at the invitation of the Department of philosophy, the Laboratory for studies and research on the Contemporary Logics of Philosophy, and the Interuniversity Center Experience Cultural Resources Education at Paris 8 University.

Art, philosophy, politics across borders
March 25, 2019
10:00-18:00 | Room D-143 (Building D, 1st floor)
Paris 8 University
2, Rue de la Liberté – 93526 Saint-Denis


10:00 — Welcoming of the participants

Morning — Practical and conceptual hospitality and nomadism

11:00 — Round table. Moderation: Georges Navet (LLCP-Paris 8), Marina Nebbiolo (Medfil Humanities Institute)

  • Engin Sustam (Pause Program / Experice-Paris 8): “For a cooperative of the arts of resistance”
  • Silvana Rabinovich (IIFL/FFyL-UNAM / LLCP-Paris 8): “Heteronomies of justice: territorialities and nomadic words”
  • Mansur Tayfuri (LLCP-Paris 8): “Of the utopia of a common language”

13:00 — Lunch break

Afternoon — Temporalities, subjectivities, politics

15:00 — Round table. Moderation: Michèle Cohen Halimi (LLCP-paris 8), Amir Kianpour (LLCP-Paris 8)

  • Silvana Rabinovich (IIFL/FFyL-UNAM / LLCP-Paris 8): “Theses on the concept of history”
  • Timothée Nay: “Left-wing melancholy: a postscript”
  • Stéphane Douailler (LLCP-Paris 8): “The oriental element in the writing of W. Benjamin Two poems by Friedrich Hölderlin

17:00 — Meeting in closing of the day with Michael Löwy (CNRS / EHESS) around the book La révolution est le frein de l’urgence (L’Éclat, 2019).

Contact : infopolitical-studies.net